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Spongellé Infused Body Buffers are an amazing way to care for your skin. We created them for the most discerning customers who want the finest bath & shower experience.

February 2020
text: Make It Through the Winter Blues with These Wellness and Skincare Tips
Winter can be a wonderful time of year. It’s full of popular holidays, and it’s when you can break out your mittens, skis, sn...
January 2020
text: 4 Skincare Resolutions to Keep This Year
The new year is here, and if you’re like most, you’re busy creating your latest resolutions. From eating healthier to reading...
December 2019
text: Skincare Tips for the Holiday Season and Beyond
The holiday season is finally here! So many people look forward to this magical time of the year, a season to enjoy time with...
November 2019
text: The Holidays Are Sneaking Up: Plan Ahead with These Gift Ideas
It might seem like the gift-giving season is still a long way off, but if last year and the year before are any indications, ...
October 2019
text: The Best Gifts You Can Give Yourself
If you’re like most, you probably love giving gifts to friends, family, and even pets on occasion. Seeing the look on someone...
September 2019
text: Self-Care Sunday: Why It’s Important and How to Celebrate It
How often do you dedicate an entire day to numero uno, yourself? Some people think that self-care is selfish, but that couldn...
August 2019
text: Don’t Let That Summer Glow Go: Skincare Tips for a Glow That Lasts Well Into Fall
It may feel like summer will never end—but before you know it, it’s going to be pumpkin patch season. If you’ve gotten a summ...
July 2019
text: The Best Skincare Habits to Keep Up This Summer
Habits. We all have them, and it seems like we focus more on the bad ones we want to break instead of the good ones we could ...
June 2019
text: Going on Vacation This Summer? Follow These Tips to Keep Your Body and Skincare Routines on Track
No matter what the calendar says, summer is practically here, and if you’re like most, you’re likely gearing up for the first...
May 2019
text: What Does Your Fragrance Say About You?
Believe it or not, your scent and the fragrances that you choose can reveal a lot about your personality. Along with your app...
April 2019
text: Tips to Speed Up Your Morning Routine
While in an ideal world we’d all be able to roll out of bed gracefully before the alarm, hit the gym, jump in the shower, and...
March 2019
text: Welcome Spring by Switching Up Your Skincare Routine
Although it might not seem like it in some parts of the country, spring is on its way. That means in a few weeks or days (dep...
February 2019
text: Easy Skincare Tips for Men
With hectic schedules, it's not too uncommon for most us to run out the door every morning after a quick shower and a fast cu...
January 2019
text: How to Keep Your Skin Healthy During Colder Months
Winter is here, and it's ready to wreak havoc on your summer glow if you aren't careful. The lower temperatures and the overa...
December 2018
text: Beat Holiday Stress with These Self-Care Bath Products
With November behind us and the December shopping season ramping up, we are officially in the midst of the busiest holiday se...