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Spongellé Infused Body Buffers are an amazing way to care for your skin. We created them for the most discerning customers who want the finest bath & shower experience.

The Best Skincare Habits to Keep Up This Summer

Habits. We all have them, and it seems like we focus more on the bad ones we want to break instead of the good ones we could pick up. What if you could leverage the science and power of habits by creating good ones? You could follow a strict morning regimen, read more, be more productive during the day, and so much more.


You know your friend with the seemingly always flawless skin? She probably does a lot to keep it that way, but it’s easy since she has developed good habits. Want to be like her? Here are a few positive skincare habits to have this summer.

Use Sunscreen Like a Cosmetic Essential

Although it adds an extra step, wearing sunscreen, especially in the summer, is vital for healthy skin. It seems like a hassle, but if you can make it a habit to start your look with a layer of SPF protection, your skin will thank you, and you won’t burn this summer. As a bonus, use makeup products with extra SPF protection to keep your skin safe and healthy.

Consolidate a Few Products Into One

How many products clutter your bathroom countertop? How many do you actually use? Eliminate a few and pick up more specialized products that have multiple benefits. This keeps things simple so you can spend less time while doing more for your skin in the mornings.

One example of this is a body wash infused Spongology Body Buffer by Spongellé. Rather than buying separate moisturizers and cleansers, the Body Buffer has it all built in and activates with water. Cleanse, hydrate, nourish, and exfoliate your skin every morning for quick and easy beautiful skin.

For a Good Look, Don’t Touch

Touching your face isn’t good for you or your look. If you think about all of the surfaces you touch throughout the day—doorknobs, light switches, and handles—it’s clear that touching your face right after isn’t the best idea. These frequently-touched surfaces harbor bacteria and other germs, and when you touch your face habitually, you’re getting them into your pores. Do a 180 and make it a habit never to touch your face, or at least wash your hands before you do.

Keep Your Skincare Tools Fresh

We’re all guilty of using our loofahs, brushes, and sponges for a little too long after they need replacing. There’s nothing better than a brand new bath sponge, so swapping in new ones on a regular schedule is the way to go. Old sponges, brushes, and other tools can be sanctuaries for germs and bacteria, which you want to stay as far away from your skin as possible. Create a schedule to either clean or replace your tools, and with a body wash infused bath sponge, when the infused cleanser is gone, you’ll know it’s time for a new one.

About Spongellé

Turn your daily routine into an at-home luxury experience with Spongellé. The luxury bath and body brand is known for their premium Spongology Body Buffer Collection, along with dozens of other sponges and bath essentials. What makes Spongellé so special is their innovative technology that allows them to infuse nourishing and moisturizing body wash directly into their Body Wash Infused Buffers®. All you need is water, and the buffer comes to life with body wash and a refreshing scent to match its skin-loving formula. Spongellé offers their bath sponges, Body Buffers, hand creams, and other products in a variety of delightful fragrances.

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